Linekurv Stripping Basket Review

I must admit I’ve never been that convinced about stripping baskets, they always looked cumbersome and a bit uncomfortable to me, this was about to change! Some recent trips fly fishing from the rocks for Pollock saw some damage to my fly line (aarggh), being a tight Scotsman I couldn’t let this happen again, £39.99 those lines cost – fly line stripping basket required! I bought a reasonably priced collapsible mesh type model from a popular fly fishing brand and tried this, it didn’t take me long to realise this didn’t cut the mustard. I got myself on-line googling and found these interesting looking Linekurv stripping baskets.



Could also double up as a nice washing up basin if camping!


Here are some of its features;

  • Stripping basket with nine cones and large volume to minimize line problems
  • Handles high and low temperatures and the suns UV-radiation
  • Manufactured with small tolerances to avoid unintended water leakage and foldings of the belt
  • Including 50 mm wide wading belt with quality buckle
  • built in rod holder
  • built in carrying handle

Nice Pollock caught using the Linekurv stripping basket

At first sight it did look bulky but once on it’s actually very comfortable, it soon becomes part of you and I never felt it. The only time I had a problem was when stripping fast with long pulls, I had to loosen the belt to drop the basket a bit lower and lift the rod hand up to give me more clearance. I have never had one single line foul or tangle since I’ve been using the basket so the cones are obviously doing their job! It also handy to have a rod holder moulded into the top of it, this especially comes in handy for the “grip and grins” avoiding laying your rod down on the rocks.

I also used the Linekurv stripping basket whilst out with Onyer Marks Too Pollock fly fishing (above pic), when fishing from the boat like this with another fly fisherman you are crossing over each other in order to keep your flies down wind when casting, without the line tray you end up standing on each others line time and time again, shortening your fishing time and damaging the coatings. The Linekurv stripping basket prevented this happening to me on this trip, lengthening my fishing time and protecting my fly line!

Retailing at a very reasonable £39.99 this has to be the best fly line striping basket available today, fair play to Toby at Funky Fly Tying for locating and bringing this great product into the UK market! If you’re thinking about a stripping basket I seriously recommend checking out this one from Linekurv!


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